Mondo to Release Its Second Television-Related Print of the Week

Well, we spoke too soon. Just as we were noting the rarity (relatively speaking) of Mondo releasing a Television poster, Hypable broke the news of a print based on HBO's True Detective.  The print will be released Friday at a random time and was designed by Phantom City Creative.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="353"] True Detective by Phantom City Creative[/caption]

Although the limited series is barely halfway through its run, fans and critics have not been shy in their praise of the show -- most notably of last week's phenomenal episode. If the series maintains its quality and builds on its own momentum in the way that it already has, we're sure fans will be happy they picked this one up.  The print itself is very aptly fits the show, in that it surrounds the detectives in the iconography of the killer that they are chasing -- almost consuming them like the case does.   The small stature of the main characters compared to the rest of the print, and the almost black-hole like circle the symbol forms, are an excellent way to convey the overall mood and feel of the series. 

To those going for it, good luck!

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