Q: What Do The Condition Abbreviations Mean?

A: It is our belief at A2P that no print can truly be considered mint. This is especially true when dealing with screen printed works, as each print may have small variations due to the printing process that some collectors may deem to be a flaw. Basically, the criteria for determining mint condition will vary from collector to collector.  As a result, we’ve designated our prints with the below abbreviations to try to describe the condition of our prints as accurately as possible. NM (Near Mint): There are no noticeable defects on the print, meaning it is free of bends, tears or creases. The four corners of the print are also free of bends, tears or creases. The colors of the print are not running or smudged. VG (Very Good): The print is nearly perfect, but may have a very small crease or bend that is outside the image area. Typically, this involves a slightly bent corner. These defects are minor and will not be noticeable when framing the print because they are outside the image area. There may also be some slight smudging or scratching, which typically happens in prints with very dark inks. These issues will be documented and highlighted in the pictures provide on the individual product page. G (Good): The print has multiple bends or creases, or a large bend or crease. There may also be more prevalent smudging or scratching in the ink area.


Q: There Is A Print I Want But It Is Not On Your Store Page Or Is Sold Out. Do You Have It?

A: Maybe. We do not have our full inventory up on the site. If there is a print you want that is sold out or not listed on our site, please just send us an email and we will check our inventory.


Q: Why Are There No Returns?

A: When a print is shipped out to our customers, we ensure that it is packaged extremely well to avoid any damage in transit. We also make sure to document the condition of the print before shipping it out. This is also why we use actual photos of the print you will receive, with the exception of pre-sales, so that you will have an accurate representation of what you are getting before purchasing it. In order to allow a purchaser to return a print, we would have to ensure that we would get it in the exact condition we sent it out in, and there is no way for us to do that when we have no control over the party re-shipping the item. The only exception to the above is for pre-orders, which is discussed below.


Q: If There Are No Returns, What Happens If The Print Is Lost Or Damaged In Transit?

A: We purchase insurance on all prints, and if a print is lost or severely damaged during transit we will issue a refund. We just ask you notify us within 5 days of receiving your print, and comply with any directives the carrier has when filing an insurance claim, such as taking photos of the damage. In the event of a lost print, you must notify us within 30 days of the mailing date of the print, as indicated by the tracking information on USPS.com.  

Q: What Number Is The Print?

A: We do not provide specific numbers for each of the prints. However, if it is truly important to you, we may be able to provide a number range for that particular print. For example, we may tell you that a print is numbered between 10-20.


Q: Are The Pictures Of The Print Representative Of the Print I’m Purchasing?

A: Yes, we strive to provide accurate pictures of all the prints we have for sale. We will also check the print again before shipment to make sure there are no issues that were not represented in the photos. The only exception to this is for pre-sale prints, as discussed below.


Q: How Does A Pre-Sale Work?

A: Pre-sales are for new releases, which we have ordered but not yet received in our store. The shipping estimate is much longer on these items, because it may take several weeks for us to receive them. However, once we receive them, we will inspect the prints and take pictures to ensure it is NM condition. Then we will repackage it according to our own shipping methods. Should we discover any flaws in the print upon our inspection, we will notify you and give you the option to cancel your purchase. We ask that you please refrain from purchasing any pre-sale prints, if you are unable or unwilling to wait the extended delivery period. The delivery times are often uncertain because we do not have control of when they are shipped to us. We will not offer refunds on pre-sales because a buyer believes it is taking too long to receive the item. However, we will offer a refund if the print is shipped to us with damage.


Q: How Are The Prints Stored?

A: Each print is stored flat in acid free materials. It can be very harmful to keep a print rolled up in a tube for a long period of time, and a print stored using non-preservation materials can have serious consequences over time.


Q: How Will My Print Be Shipped?

A: Our 24x36 prints will be shipped in a 4 inch thick yazoo tube. It will be wrapped in kraft paper, with tissue paper on top of the print to prevent smudging.  We then wrap the kraft paper in bubble wrap, and place support on the top and/or bottom of the tube to prevent your print from sliding around. The end caps of the tube are then securely taped on to prevent them from coming off or being jammed down into the tube. 


Our smaller prints may be shipped in a 3 inch yazoo tube but the packing process is otherwise the same.  We also have PVC pipe tubes for highly valuable prints, or if a customer requests it be shipped in such a tube. However, if such a request is made, there may be an additional shipping charge due to the increased cost associated with shipping a heavier tube.

Prints that measure 8x10 or under will be shipped flat in a heavy duty mailer, with the print being sandwiched by cardboard. 

Q: What Carrier Will You Use To Ship?

A: Your Print Will Ship vis either USPS Priority Mail or Fed-Ex Ground. Your tracking information will be uploaded to paypal upon shipment. Should you have any specific requests, please do not hesitate to ask!


Q: How Do You Determine The Shipping Rates?

A: Shipping rates are essentially determined by the value and size of the print. Of course there are the material costs, such as tubes, kraft paper, and bubble wrap, but those costs are generally equal for all prints. The greatest variation arises from the value of the print, which directly corresponds to the insurance amount. This is why we have tiered pricing for shipping. When a print has to be insured for $1000, the insurance itself may be more than the postage. In contrast, the insurance for a print that costs $79.99 only amounts to a couple of extra dollars. Additionally, we tend to ship more expensive prints in PVC tubes, which weigh more, and thus cost more, than traditional yazoo tubes.


Q: Do You Ship Internationally?

A: Yes, the shipping we charge is an estimate of your cost. If you'd like a more precise quote, please email us before your purchase. 

Typically, you have two shipping options: First Class or Priority.  However, First Class has unreliable tracking updates and takes 2-3 times longer to arrive than Priority. For that reason, we only offer First Class postage on lower value parcels (under $250).  Please ONLY choose First Class if you are comfortable with the above.  

Please Note: Effective in 2020, USPS First Class is no longer available for the EU. First class shipping is only available for Canada. 

We also no longer ship to the UK, except through our Ebay page, due to additional import requirements imposed by the UK. 

The rate you pay for International Shipping does not include any taxes or import charges your destination country may charge you.  

Q: I Ordered a Print. How Long Until I Get It?

A: Typically, packages will ship out 1-5 business from purchase. With that said, if you need a print quicker, we will do our best to make an exception. Just email us. The only caveat to the above is for pre-sales, as it may take several weeks for us to receive your print. During that waiting period, we encourage you to drop us a line if you want a status update on your pre-sale.


Q: Why Would I Pay More For A Print From A2P?

A: Hopefully, you won’t have to! We try to price our prints in accordance with the market value, and sometimes a little cheaper if possible. However, we do believe there is inherent value in buying from someone you can trust. This is especially true when plunking down $500-$2000 for a print. When you’re spending that kind of money for a collectable it’s vitally important that you are purchasing from a trustworthy source.  As fellow collectors, we realize that many people have had bad experiences buying prints. We hope to help you avoid that uncertainty by eliminating the headache that accompanies finding out the print you ordered was not as described.