Disobey Set to Drop Tomorrow on Obeygiant

Shepard Fairey, in collaboration with Slick, will release a great new print tomorrow entitled "Disobey." The print combines Fairey's famous Andre the Giant logo for Obey, with Slick's graffiti design plastered over it. It's a perfect reference to what Fairey's work used to be -- i.e. graffiti based -- and an acknowledgment of how it's sometimes treated by other graffiti/street artists that do not have the notoriety that Shep has now attained. In fact, Slick himself has previously tagged over Fairey's work, and some assumed it was a sign of disrespect.


As Slick explains:

"This collaboration has been over 20 years in the making. To finally see this come full circle is just amazing. The image is inspired from the battle of the box that went on a few years back. This one electrical box in particular in Lil Tokyo. Big ups to Shepard, OBEY and OBEY Clothing for making this happen. Some may think the DISSOBEY collection was a diss on OBEY. I see it more as celebration of the essence of street art."

Disobey 2

Drop Details: This will be released tomorrow, February 12th, at a random time between 1-3 PM EST. It is an edition of 187, measures 18x24 and will cost $80. Additionally, it will be signed by both artists. Good luck!

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