Batman-Themed Mondo Gallery Show to Open in October

As if Mondo had not ear marked enough money from collectors for the month of October (see Mondocon), the Austin-based print giant just announced a potentially mammoth show opening October 24th.


While details are still scarce, we know that the show will celebrate 75 years of Batman. Will it cover all mediums batman has appeared in? We sure hope so. Remember, when Mondo did its Mike Mitchell Marvel show it was based solely on character representations from the comics.  On the other hand, we do know that Mondo has put out prints for Batman live action films (Olly Moss' Dark Knight Rises), animated films (PCC's Mask of Phantasm), and the original Batman television series (Ken Taylor's Catowman).

Based on those releases, there's cautious optimism that fans will get a chance to pick up artwork celebrating the caped crusader through various incarnations.  Once we know more details, we'll be sure to post them here!

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