Grey Matter Art Scores Big with Night of the Living Dead by Kilian Eng
Grey Matter Art is only a few months old, but they have already released some great prints in 2014. And Kilian Eng's Night of the Living Dead is certainly among  them.
Kilian Eng NOTLD Final
Eng is an immensely talented artist, with an a unique style that makes his work instantly recognizable. Many of Eng's prints tend to relate to science fiction, so Eng's name may not  have instantly popped into fan's head when they thought of an artist to tackle Night of the Living Dead. Eng's style, however, fits perfectly here. He's created an ominous and moody piece that corresponds to the film.
Kilian Eng NOTLD Variant Final
GMA Co-Founder Mike Gregory echoed that sentiment:
"When I think of Kilian, I don't immediately think of him doing this type of genre, but for some reason it just seemed to fit well together. So we got in touch, and he said before he agrees, he wanted to view it. He did, and said yes. It didn't take long for the piece to come together, he pretty much nailed the idea the first time around after adding a couple of tweaks. I think even though Kilian is known for his amazing Sci-Fi posters, I see this poster as one of his absolute best. Night of the Living Dead may have some great posters out there already, but I see this as an instant classic, representing the movie perfectly, I wouldn't be too surprised to see Kilian taking on more classic horror films in the future."
The colorways on both the regular and variant work well, and the title block is great. There are also credits! Although a small touch, it's something that is often left out of officially licensed prints. All in all, a job well done by GMA and Kilian Eng.
Drop Details: These go on sale next Tuesday on GMA's site. Both prints measure 36x24 and are hand numbered. The regular is an edition of 250, while the variant is an edition of 150.  The regular will cost $50, while the variant will cost $65.
Kilian Eng
"Night of the Living Dead"
Regular Edition: 250
Variant Edition: 150
Wood Variant(we are still working out the details, hope to make one for this)
Printed By: Seizure Palace

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