Fairey Returns to Familiar Image with  "Paint it Black - Hand"

Less than a month ago, Shepard Fairey released "Paint it Black," and now he's revisiting that image with an alternative take on the artwork.


Here's what Shepard had to say about the print:

"When I was working on the Paint it Black poster concept I tried several approaches, as I do with every poster, but instead of only one successful direction, I felt I found two solutions for Paint it Black. Both versions are inspired by the Rolling Stones song, but the first version was fashioned more after a vintage newspaper ad, while the Paint it Black Hand has a bit more of a propaganda feel. Regardless, they are both about oil dictating too much of our energy policy and our foreign policy. Imagine if all the money spent on wars and strategic interests in the Middle East had been spent on developing green energy alternatives. Instead, our government subsidizes the highly profitable oil and gas industries for $40 billion a year because no politician wants a rise in the price of gas to be blamed on them. Newsflash: we are still paying more for gas whether it’s at the pump or through our taxes. The need for gas will remain, but we need to invest in sustainable energy alternatives as we transition off of the finite supply of fossil fuels that are also terrible for CO2 emissions. Proceeds from this print will go to the NRDC to support their efforts to shape responsible environmental policy."

Drop Info: The print is an edition of 450 and measures 18x24. It will be signed and numbered, and cost $50. It will go on sale on Tomorrow, May 28 at 1PM AND 7PM EST. Good Luck!

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