Mondo Set to Drop Three New Batman Prints

unnamed (1)Dark Knight Variant Edition

Tomorrow, January 6th, Mondo will release “The Dark Knight” by Laurent Durieux. It has been a long time since Mondo released a new print by Laurent, but this one was worth the wait.

Dark Knight - Regular Edition 

The Dark Knight is one of the most beloved films of the last decade, and yet it’s been left largely ignored in the pop culture art world. Having one of Mondo’s most talented artists tackle the property goes a long way to rectifying that.

Here’s what Laurent had to say about the piece:

"It's been too long since I've come up with a new print for Mondo and this one has been finished and ready for many months. I have been both very anxious and excited about the day when it would eventually be revealed. THE DARK KNIGHT is such a great film, and most certainly is my favorite of Nolan's trilogy. I hope I did it justice. A lot of TLC went into it in the hope I would. Thank you Mondo for this great opportunity!"

Not to be outdone, Mike Mitchell will release another entry in his portrait series by tackling Heath Ledger’s iconic Joker. This will be a timed sale so everyone should have a shot.

unnamed (2)

Drop Details:  Laurent’s prints will be released tomorrow, January 7th, on Mondo’s website. The regular version has an edition of 425, measures 24x36 and costs $60. The Variant is an edition of 225, measures 36x24 and costs $90. Mike Mitchell’s joker piece will be on sale through Saturday.

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