Mondo Dropping Two of Their Biggest Prints of the Year on Thursday

During Mondocon, two of Mondo's biggest artists, Ken Taylor and Tyler Stout, released two of the biggest Mondo Posters of the year in "Batman (1989)" and "the Goonies," respectfully.  Tomorrow, all those not lucky enough to attend the con will have their shot at the regular edition of those prints online.

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Tyler Stout - The Goonies

The regular edition of Tyler Stout's the Goonies is a must have for any fan of the film. It's also classic Stout in composition and style, and a welcome return for an artist who has spent most of 2015 working on personal endeavors.

unnamed (2)
Ken Taylor - Batman

Ken Taylor's Batman is also fantastic, and the first film print that Mondo has done for the 1989 film. The added blues to the regular make it an even stronger image than the variant.

Drop Details: Both prints will go on sale tomorrow, October 22nd, at a random time on mondo's website. They are both hand numbered and measure 24x36. The Goonies is an edition of 750 and costs $60, while Batman is an edition of 300 and costs $50.  To all those going for these, good luck!

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