Alice X. Zhang Returns to Bottleneck 

[caption id="attachment_10621" align="aligncenter" width="340"]unnamed Mad Max: Fury Road[/caption]

It's only been two years since Alice Zhang's "Moments" debuted at Bottleneck Gallery, but it seems like an eternity. That's because since her show Alice has done very little artwork for the mainstream pop culture galleries; instead, focusing on her own open edition prints through her online shop.

[caption id="attachment_10620" align="aligncenter" width="329"]unnamed Fight Club[/caption]

Fortunately, she's now back with an entire show of limited edition prints on sale this Friday in Brooklyn. This time, Alice is tackling some old favorites, like Fight Club, as well as recent hits, such as Mad Max: Fury Road. Additionally, unlike last show, Alice will have a limited quantity of 24x36 variant prints, as opposed to the normal size of 13x19.

[caption id="attachment_10610" align="aligncenter" width="316"]Drive_AliceXZhang_Preview_e5291a3a-1c35-4765-8022-14831f88c4a0_large Drive[/caption]

So far the work previewed has been beautiful and we're all looking forward to seeing what else is in store from the show. To all those lucky enough to attend, Enjoy!

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