Bottleneck to Showcase Raid 71's Newest Work this Friday in Brooklyn

Around two years ago, in March 2013, Bottleneck Gallery had one of their first solo shows. It featured up and coming artist Raid 71 and  focused on iconic moments in films based in New York. The show was a success, and Raid 71 has been putting out quality work ever since.  Now he's back at Bottleneck with a brand new show entitled "Illuminate,"  opening Friday May 15th.

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What's so fascinating about this new show is that the topic and style present in Illuminate could not be more different than Raid's first solo show. In fact, the two shows look like they were done by two completely different artists. What's so impressive about that is that many artists develop a style that becomes popular, which they understandably try not to deviate from since it has resonated with fans. Raid, on the other hand, tried something vastly different with 2014's Blade Runner piece "Mead Streets" and now has turned it into an entire gallery show.

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The style on display in Illuminate focuses on dark backgrounds "illuminated" by bright lights. It's a fantastic juxtaposition and works perfectly for films like Blade Runner, Taxi Driver and Midnight cowboy, which are dark films, both visually and tonally, that are brightened by the cities that surround them. All in all it's a very impressive show.

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To those lucky enough to attend, the doors will open at 7 PM. Any leftovers from the show will be made available on Saturday May 16th at Noon EST on Bottleneck's website. Unfortunately, with reported edition sizes in the low 40s and 50s, it's unlikely much will make its way online.

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