Mondo Returns with New Artists and a New Property for 2015

First, welcome back! We hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday.

[caption id="attachment_8461" align="aligncenter" width="450"]WOTW Regular Edition[/caption]

Now that the holiday season is over, Mondo is back for 2015 with talented new artists Stan and Vince. By new artists, we mean new to Mondo, as Stan and Vince have done work in comics and for the Durieux brothers' print shop, Nautilus Art Prints.

[caption id="attachment_8460" align="aligncenter" width="475"]WOTW Var GID Variant Edition[/caption]

In tasking them with tackling World of the Wars, Mondo has paired Stan and Vince with the perfect property. They have shown a knack for retro/classic looking film prints, much in the way Francesco Francavilla has done for Mondo in the past (see The Creature, Invisible Man or This Island Earth for great examples), and have gone an excellent job with it here.

[caption id="attachment_8459" align="aligncenter" width="360"]Concept2 Concept Art[/caption]

The poster feels like it could be ripped out of the 1950s, and captures that error of sci-fi/horror perfectly. You can almost hear the menacing music and voice over when looking at these prints.  We hope to see much more from Stan and Vince in 2015!

Here's what Stan and Vince had to say about the project:

"Byron Haskin's WAR OF THE WORLDS was released 62 years ago, and even though we weren’t around at the time, this movie was made for us. We KNOW it! Byron Haskin had to know that his movie was to be aired decades later in front of our 80s teenage eyes, printing powerful, everlasting images in our brains. We're pretty sure he also knew that Mondo was going to ask us to work on a poster for this movie! To recapture the taste and flavor of H.G. Well's story put in those glorious fifties frames and make people hear the sizzling sound of the saucers’ deadly death rays.    That's the magic we wanted to have in this poster. We wanted to put viewers back in the theatre seats where they first saw the movie, in the frame with the hero as he watches the invaders coming into the city! We wanted this poster to feel the retro-style menace of the red planet."

[caption id="attachment_8458" align="aligncenter" width="299"]Concept Concept Art[/caption]

Drop Info: These go on sale tomorrow, January 8th, at a random time. The Regular will be an edition of 300, and will cost $55. The Variant will be an edition of 150, have glow in the dark inks, and cost $85. Both will measure 24x36, and are hand numbered.

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