Protect the Sacred Set to Drop Tomorrow on Obeygiant

Tomorrow, Shepard Fairey will release a beautiful new print entitled "Protect the Sacred." The print is based off a photograph taken by Aaron Huey, and will be signed by both Fairey and Huey.


Here's what Shepard had to say about the print:

"I made this Protect the Sacred image in collaboration with National Geographic Photographer Aaron Huey in support of, an organization that amplifies the voices of Indiginous communities by funding collaborations between artists and Native advocacy groups. This image also addresses the universal threats to the environment that both Native Americans and the rest of Americans face. I admire the Native American philosophy of harmony with nature and respecting and protecting the earth."

There you have it! It's not only a great print, but your purchase will also help fund a noble cause.

Drop Details: This will be released tomorrow, November 10th, at a random time between 1-3 PM EST. It is an edition of 450, measures 18x24 and will cost $60. As mentioned above, it will be signed by both Huey and Fairey. Good luck!

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