Fairey's Latest to be Released this Week

This week, Shepard Fairey will release the print "Propaganda Services Eye."  With this latest print, Fairey relies on his familiar color   palate of black, red and cream, which we also saw in his most recent release, "Peace & Freedom Dove."

[caption id="attachment_8061" align="aligncenter" width="478"]obey Fairey - Propaganda Services[/caption]

Propaganda Services is not only a solid effort from Fairey, but it is also being released at an interesting time. A time in which the United States is fighting its own propaganda campaign against ISIS, and other extremist groups in the middle east. Whether that is coincidence or not, we're not sure. But we'd be interested to see what Shepard has to say about the piece down the line.

Drop Info: The print is an edition of 450 and measures 18x24. It will be signed and numbered, and costs $45. It will go on sale Thursday, October 2, at a random time between 1PM AND 3PM EST. To those going for it, Good Luck!

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