Fairey Returns to Familiar Image with  "Lifeguard Not on Duty"

Earlier this year, Shepard Fairey released "Paradise Turns," which depicted oil derricks down by the beach in a blue, red and cream palate that was a little bit of a change from his usual color scheme.  Tomorrow, Fairey will release what seems like a spiritual successor to that piece, when "Lifeguard not on Duty" drops on Obeygiant.


Much like "Paradise Turns," and Fairey's recent work in general, "Lifeguard not on Duty" focuses on the oil industry and the destructive impact it has on the environment.  It also speaks to what Fairey perceives as a lack of oversight and regulation in the industry.  With this piece, Fairey has made a beautiful print, while also succeeding in getting his point across.

Drop Info: The print is an edition of 450 and measures 18x24. It will be signed and numbered, and costs $45. It will go on sale Tomorrow, August 12 at 1PM AND 6PM EST. To those going for it, Good Luck!

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