Grey Matter Art Reveals Officially Licensed Escape from New York Print by Gabz

If you missed our initial write up on Grey Matter Art releasing Gabz's Escape from NY Prints, check it out here.  Now, we have the full reveal of Gabz's artwork for the film, and it was definitely worth the wait.

[caption id="attachment_6012" align="aligncenter" width="404"]Escape from New York Regular Edition Escape from New York Regular Edition[/caption]

As can be seen by the image herein, and as described by Gabz below, the composition for this piece is a new direction for the artist  Instead of having multiple character portraits within a larger image, like his True Romance or Inception pieces, Gabz tried for something that, in his words, was "less character based [and] more focused on the movie’s atmosphere, and true to the original poster artwork."  

[caption id="attachment_6013" align="aligncenter" width="410"]Escape from New York Variant Edition Escape from New York Variant Edition[/caption]

The fruits of this stylistic change are nothing less than impressive.  While this may be the first officially licensed domestic print for the film, we're not sure we'll need another after this one.

Here's the drop info for those that missed it before: The Print Goes on Sale Wednesday at a random time between 1 and 2 EST here.  Please follow Grey Matter Art's twitter for the onsale announcement.  The regular is an edition of 325, while the variant run is 175. Both measure 24x36, and are screen printed, with the regular having six colors and the variant having five.  To those going for it, good luck!

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