Grey Matter Art Set to Release Officially Licensed Escape from New York Print

After hitting the scene with a great debut print for Cannibal Holocaust by Randy Ortiz, Grey Matter Art is coming out swinging for its next release. 

Next Wednesday, April 30th, Grey Matter Art will release a fully licensed official screen print for "Escape from New York," by Gabz.  Now this is exciting for several reasons: 1) This is the first officially licensed screen print for the film; 2) It will have likeness rights for Kurt Russel; and 3) the artist tackling the subject is Gabz, who has been on a roll lately.

Gabz Escape

As evidenced by his recent True Romance print, Gabz deserves the chance to tackle officially licensed material for important properties.  It also seems like Gabz may switch things up a little bit in terms of his style, as evidenced by the quote below. Either way, if the small teaser of this print is any indication, we're in good hands.

Here is what Gabz had to say about the project:

“When Mike Gregory, co-founder of Grey Matter Art offered me an opportunity to work on John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York” I didn't hesitate much. My main intention was to deliver something a little bit different from what I’ve been known for until now… something less character based more focused on the movie’s atmosphere, and true to the original poster artwork. Being a fan of the original and iconic poster, my print also has post-apocalyptic streets of New York City, gang members, and the majestic Statue of Liberty (or what was left from it) dominating the skyline. Except Snake Plissken, in my version is all by himself: tired, hurt, on the run and fighting against all odds. Perceptive viewers should also notice Snake’s plane crossing the red walls of the New York City prison and the bottom grid which is intended to be a tribute to visual effects used in the movie.”

As of now, here's what we know: The regular is an edition of 325, while the variant run is 175. Both measure 24x36, and are screen printed, with the regular having six colors and the variant having five.  We should have full images of the print early new week, so stay tuned!

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