Fairey Hearkens Back to More Classic Work with  "Learn to Obey"

This Tuesday, Shepard Fairey is set to release a great new print entitled "Learn to Obey."  It will first be available as part of record store day on April 19th. 50 of them will be included as artwork for OFF's 7inch Vinyl "Wasted Years."  The rest of the run will be online this Tuesday.

While the message in this image is clear, it's a nice change of pace from what Shepard has been releasing lately.  Admittedly, Fairey has put out a lot of strong images during the first part of 2014; however, many of them had to do with oil, or were representations of people he admired. Here, we're getting to see Fairey tackle the familiar subject of greed, and America's adoration and obsession with money.  He does it in his typically subversive way by taking a generally innocent image and interposing something more nefarious within.

Drop Details: The print is an edition of 450 and measures 18x24. It will be signed and numbered, and cost $70. It will go on sale on Tuesday, April 22nd at 1PM EST. Good Luck!

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