Drop Info: Obey's "Paradise Turns"

Tomorrow, Shepard Fairey is set to release a new print entitled "Paradise Turns."

As has been a continuing trend for Shepard, especially recently, this print deals with the oil industry, and the need for alternative energy sources.  As  Shepard explains:

"This Paradise Turns print was inspired by some old photos I saw of oil derricks down on the beach at Playa Del Rey and Long Beach. There are still oil drilling platforms visible from the beach in Santa Barbara. Beyond just the environmental hazards of oil spills and climate change, the idea of trouble in paradise is also about our lack of foresight in transitioning away from oil, which is finite, to energy sources which are renewable. The tide will turn, and the question is whether we will be technically equipped to adapt, or will the things oil provides, that we take for granted, halt catastrophically?"

Although Fairey is revisiting familiar themes, this pieces is a nice change of pace style-wise. It's brighter than most of his recent pieces, using reds and blues as its predominant colors.  It's also a nice play on familiar travel posters mixed with the more sinister and ominous oil derricks in the background. It's a great juxtaposition between something happy in the environment, and something many blame for compromising it.  It's somewhat jarring to see them so close to one another.

Drop Details:  Paradise Turns will be released tomorrow, March 6, between 1 and 2pm EST Obeygiant.com. It is an edition of 450, costs $45 and measures 18x24.

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