Mondo to Release Matt Taylor's DBC Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Mondo is set to release a new print from Matt Taylor for Dallas Buyers Club.  It's a well done print that makes clever use of the motel where the club operates out of for most of the film, and has good depictions of the two lead actors -- both of whom are favorites to walk away with Oscars come Sunday night.  The piece measures 20x36, is hand numbered and will cost $45.

Matt's first two pieces for Mondo, with Brick being his first, make him a welcome addition to their roster of talent, and we're excited to see him tackle more films for them in the future.

With that being said, the release of this print raises some questions about Mondo's plans for the Oscars. Last year, we not only had Gallery 88 release officially licensed Oscar prints, with Olly Moss designing the official print for the show, but we also had Mondo release a slew of new prints during the telecast. In one night, we got over 10 new prints, including new work from Stout and Moss. While Mondo didn't make an official announcement until the Saturday before the show, several pieces were revealed a couple of days prior, such as Durieux's the Master.  This year, however, we haven't heard of seen anything, and a print release for an Oscar nominated film the Friday before the awards does not bode well for an Oscar night drop.  If there was an event planned, why not just wait until the show to release this piece?

A couple of things could be at play here: 1) Between the LD gallery show and the two back to back shows in March, Mondo simply doesn't have the time or resources to pull off what amounts to another gallery show, albeit an online one; 2) speaking of resources, the releases from last year took a LONG time to ship, and Mondo got grief from it from buyers. Undeservedly so, in our opinion, but they heard about it nonetheless. We're of the mind that it's better to have the event and be forced to wait a little while longer for the prints, than not have the event at all.

Regardless, here's hoping we get some more Oscar night releases. It's fun to have Mondo tackle newer, prestigious films because likeness rights are much easier to secure due to the studios still holding the initial rights to promote the theatrical release -- rights, which virtually always include likeness. Fingers crossed!

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