Release Info for Ken Taylor's Gig Poster for the Avett Brothers

Hey, folks. Tomorrow Posters and Toys will release the artist proofs of Ken Taylor's latest gig poster for the Avett Brothers.   The original print was release in November of 2013 for those that were lucky enough to be at the show in Orlando. Now, the rest of us have an opportunity to purchase the print. [caption id="attachment_3528" align="aligncenter" width="100"]AVETTSFLORIDA_zpse59c5584 Ken Taylor's Latest Being Released Tomorrow[/caption]   Ken has done quite a few posters for the Avett Brothers, including for their 2012 NYC show. That print was ultimately made into one of our favorite art prints of the year, Ascension. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="160"] Ken Taylor's Ascension[/caption]   Drop Details: The print will be released tomorrow at 1pm EST here.  It measures 12x36, is an edition of 52 and will run you $45. For those of you not familiar with how P&T drops work, you should create an account and sign up for their newsletter. The release announcements usually have helpful tips on how to best secure an item. Good luck!

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