Mondo to Release Batman Mask of the Phantasm and Fight Club Tomorrow

Late this afternoon, Mondo announced that they would be releasing the remaining copies a couple of prints that they had originally debuted at screenings held at the Ritz in Austin.  First up, is Phantom City Creative's Batman Mask of the Phantasm. Only the regular version is on sale, as the variant sold out at the show. However, we wouldn't put it past Mondo to throw a couple variants up there unannounced. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="299"] PCC - Batman[/caption]   Next, we have Delicious Design League's take on Fight Club.  What ostensibly will be  the first of many Fight Club prints to be released by Mondo while they enjoy their new license toy chest via 20th Centruy Fox, DDP certainly set the bar high with their take on the material.    While we will have more on this print later in the week, we are thoroughly impressed by DDL's take on the material.  In brief: DDL may not be the most recognizable name in Mondo's stable,  but they created a design that captures the spirit of the film, without relying on a ton of call backs to do so.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="359"] DDL - Fight Club[/caption] Drop Details: These will be available at Mondo's site (here) at a random time tomorrow.  The Batman is an edition of 325 and measures 16x24. The Fight Club is an 18x24 out of an edition of 225. Just remember, the amount available for the online drop is much less than the stated edition size because of the purchases made at the screenings. As a result, expect at least half, if not less, to be available tomorrow.

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