14 for 14 - Fourteen Gig and Art Print Artists for 2014

By Ryan Smith

First off, I would like to say welcome to the website! I was asked to write a retrospective of 2013 and preview of 2014 all wrapped up in one, so what I did was write a piece on what I was personally looking forward to in 2014, with a small taste of what these artists did in 2013. Although 2013 saw the mega-rise of the movie poster, that didn't prevent there from being a ton of great stuff in the gig and art print world. 2014 looks to be an even more exciting year, with the promise of new styles from old names, new work from legends, and steady quality work from a number of up and comers. When I started this list 14 sounded like a big number, then I found myself disappointed to have to leave names off as I got to writing. It really hurt to cut it to 14. I apologize to the likes of Ken Taylor, Munter, DALeast, Ashley Wood, Bidwell, Malleus, Craola, and tons of others. This is just a list of stuff that gives me a tingle in my undercarriage when talking about it with my art-nerd friends. Feel free to shoot me a message about what you think should have been on my list, and  and maybe we can do a second list of 14.

These are in no particular order. Here we go!

Jeremy Geddes

Geddes His hyper-realistic style is mind blowing to see in person. His work consistently drops the jaws of, and gets compliments from, friends who don't follow the art world. 2013's prints can still be acquired for a fair price on the aftermarket, but they are high quality prints and look amazing on a wall when properly framed. If King Edward gets finished this year and possibly made into a print, expect madness.

Marq Spusta


It seems his work is becoming more and more popular every day. With his whimsical characters and some of the most amazing papers to be found on the planet, you cannot go wrong with this man's stuff. He sends tons of freebies with his orders and is extremely loyal to his fan-base. Everyone should own a little Spusta.

Aaron Horkey

Horkey-Graveyard-REG-Color_zpsff6fe684 2013 was the rise of the Horkey. It seems like he went from one of the most technically respected artists in the world, with a smallish but maniacally loyal fan-base, to king of the world. He is truly a great talent and I hope rumors come to fruition and we see more gig work from him this year.


emek There really isn't much for me to say here. The man is a legend and continues to churn out mind-blowing work year after year. He manages to stay fresh and relevant by invigorating his work with constant innovation. I can't wait to see what he has in store for 2014.

Shepard Fairey

Fairey Shep has been putting quality work out for years now, but it really felt like he was getting in a groove again in 2013. His letterpresses were fantastic, he got in touch with some of his old school styles, his collaborations worked and his high end pieces were top notch. I'm anxious to see what he has in store for us this year!


LandlandPrint You may not own anything by them, but you should. They are prolific, affordable, and put out some of the most beautiful art and gig posters in the world. They have been doing it for years and now it feels like people are really starting to take notice of how great they are. Check them out!

Esao Andrews

Esao Andrews Bottle House It seems like this man has an endless well of creativity to pull from. He can pull emotion from you with hot air balloons floating across the sky. Moody, creepy, beautiful, sexy, surreal, I never know what I'm going to get, but I want it all. My heart beats faster every time there her puts an update on Twitter or Facebook. 2014 should be a great year for him.

Chuck Sperry

Sperry Here we have another legend that just keeps on churning out fantastic work. Have we had enough? No. Please keep it coming in 2014. I shouldn't have to say this, but if you haven't seen his work in person, do yourself a favor and check it out. The paper, ink, smell and feel are all just different. See Dave Hunter below, as well.

Dave Hunter

dave-hunter-japan-poster Dave had a difficult 2013 on a personal level and we all hope 2014 will be better! His work is really like nothing else out there. It needs to be experienced in person to truly be appreciated. Dave is to ink what Spusta is to paper. Please track down this man's work and enjoy it. There is soul in these posters. My heart races for his work.

Travis Louie

Travis Louie Travis creates amazing artwork with often hilarious stories to go along with them. His work is technically flawless and incredibly fun to look at. People love to look at his art when they visit -- it just draws them in. He also loves to share his knowledge and is one of the nicest guys around. He just finished a solo show, but seems to never stop working so I have high hopes for some great stuff from him in the new year.

Kathie Olivas

olivas_05-602x750 Kathie is another prolific artist. She puts out tons of killer prints, toys, and sculptures. She just finished a solo show and it seems like her star continues to grow brighter and brighter. Expect to find surreal creepy kids printed with super high quality materials in 2014.

Mark Ryden

Ryden 2013 kind of fizzled for Mark because of his show being cancelled. Having said that, the work is supposedly all done and ready to go. When possibly the greatest surreal painter of our time has a solo show I'm all aboard and he makes the list.

Jay Ryan

Jay Ryan New Cub It's hard to look at one of his prints and not feel a little bit better. That's a pretty fair reflection of the man himself. Funny, nice, and constantly helping others. If you can get into one of his screen printing classes in the Chicago area it sounds like a truly great experience. Word out of the bird machine is that Jay may be doing a little more movie work this year but I'm sure there will be plenty of gig and art print work to hold us over.

Josh Keyes

KeyesExodus-I It's no secret Josh is experimenting with some sort of new style and everyone is excited to see what that may bring. He is one of the most talented painters around and EVERYONE should add him on Facebook for the adorable animal pictures he is constantly posting. I Have a feeling 2014 is going to be a huge year for Josh.

Thanks for reading, let me hear your thoughts at A2PRyan@outlook.com

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