Marko Manev and Matt Ferguson Gallery Show: Influences

This Friday, Marko Manev and Matt Ferguson will be displaying all new work at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn.  Manev was ushered into the pop culture art scene by Bottleneck, when they released his immensely popular superhero noir series. That series has also been expanded beyond superheroes with great success.  Manev also debuted his first Mondo print late last year.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="269"] Mark Manev's Predator-Inspired Piece[/caption]

Matt Ferguson also had one of his biggest release with Bottleneck, when they released his batman-inspired print, "He stole my balloons," at NYCC last year. Since then, he's released several prints through Hero Complex Gallery and Bottleneck, as well as an officially licensed Usual Suspects print for Odd City.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="257"] Matt Ferguson's Next Batman-Inspired Piece[/caption]

As for this show, each artists will ostensibly be tackling films that influenced them at some point in their life. So far we've seen everything from Batteries not Included to ET, and we can't wait to see more. Right now, we know Manev will have a Triptych of Schwarzenegger Prints, consisting of Conan, Total Recall and Predator, while Ferguson will add another entry into his Batman series, focusing on the classic TV show.  It also seems like Matt may be taking on a bunch of Spielberg films, as we've already seen prints for ET and Close Encounters.

Both these artists have the potential to churn out great work. So we're eagerly awaiting full previews.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="257"] Matt Ferguson's ET-Inspired Piece[/caption]

Speaking of previews, Bottleneck will have their traditional preview sale on Thursday night at 8 EST for one hour. They are also giving away a free print Jurassic Park print by Matt Ferguson to the first 140 online orders. If you've never dealt with Bottleneck before, it's things like this free print giveaway that help add to their reputation as one of the most customer friendly places in the industry. Anything that remains from the show will go up Saturday afternoon.  Good Luck!

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